Welcome to Take a Card, a small website for my cards that I collect from various online TCG's (= trading card games). I actually collected cards some years ago, but I'm back in the business now since I really need something small and simple to do to keep myself relaxed. I don't update my regular sites as much as I used to, and the website fandom is getting smaller. But I've always loved poking around with websites, so I thought that collecting cards again could maybe satisfy me ;) Please have a look around and view the cards I have, and don't be afraid to ask for a trade!

This is the 5th version of Take a Card, and it features Kyoko from the manga Time Stranger Kyoko. I'm using the script EasyTCG FM with a mod by Dite. Credits can be found in the main menu above.

March 2016
I'm currently reinstalling eTCG.

If you join any of these TCG's, then please put Evey as your referer :)

Last Updated: 2016-03-03

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