The script used to maintain the cards is called EasyTCG FM. It's truly a great script!
The modifications used are made by Dite. She made the 'Additional Fields' html friendly for me :D

The manga character used for this layout is from Time Stranger Kyoko. Her name is Kyoko, a princess full of energy! The manga is created by Arina Tanemura, she draws lovely artwork full of colours.

The pattern used in the background is from Hybrid Genesis. The brushes are from swimchick and Hybrid Genesis.

About the site name; Take a Card. It comes from many years ago when I played Marvel vs Capcom 2 on my Dreamcast. I thought that Gambit was saying "Take a card!" when he did a certain attack. Someone told me that he actually said something else though. But that's where I got the name for this website.