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Name: Evey Rejoined: March 2, 2016 Card Count: 22
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I love trading and here are the member cards I've been able to collect. They're worth 0 and I currently have of them.


These are my mastered decks!


Here are my pending trades. I usually have them here for around 1-3 weeks.

Activity Log

March 03, 2016 ------------
- Card Worth Bonus (Character): tibbers14
- Card Worth Bonus (Game): rosecrystal27, lighthouses02, dreams04
- Master Bonus (vault): vault02, vault05, vault08, vault11, vault14, vault16, vault18, vault24, vault25, vault30
- Starter Pack: wateroflife14, wateroflife23, jabberwock11, ark11, shadowself07, poltergust06, skullheart11

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